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The Joe Rogan Experience podcast


5:08The Proliferation of COVID Variants
The Proliferation of COVID VariantsGanger 1,9 mill7 dager siden
6:26Joe Talks Comic Book Movies with C.K. Chin
8:33The Gatekeepers of Information
The Gatekeepers of InformationGanger 969 k7 dager siden
6:47How Anthony Bourdain Dealt with Fame
How Anthony Bourdain Dealt with FameGanger 481 k21 dag siden
8:25Laurie Woolever Remembers Anthony Bourdain
8:25Stephen King's Genius
Stephen King's GeniusGanger 558 k21 dag siden
6:50David Goggins' Birthday Message for Joe
David Goggins' Birthday Message for JoeGanger 1,1 mill21 dag siden
2:18A Blunt Moment - JRE Toons
A Blunt Moment - JRE ToonsGanger 461 k21 dag siden
13:56Why Megan Murphy Was Banned from Twitter for Life
4:18Neill Blomkamp's Unmade Alien Movie
Neill Blomkamp's Unmade Alien MovieGanger 621 k28 dager siden
6:13Neill Blomkamp Talks About Eternal Recurrence
11:18Afghanistan and US Intervention Policies
Afghanistan and US Intervention PoliciesGanger 2 mill28 dager siden
9:14The Taliban Taking Over Afghanistan
The Taliban Taking Over AfghanistanGanger 5 millMåned siden
10:36Andrew Cuomo's Resignation
Andrew Cuomo's ResignationGanger 2,4 millMåned siden
4:58Joe Reacts to Kanye West's DONDA Outfit
Joe Reacts to Kanye West's DONDA OutfitGanger 1,3 millMåned siden
10:56Ms. Pat on Developing Her Own Sitcom
Ms. Pat on Developing Her Own SitcomGanger 164 kMåned siden
14:39Breakthrough Cases and Vaccine Passports


  • It’s real fucking simple!!!! Big pharma has had their hand strangling the fuck out of anyone who steps out of line! This fucking hole thing is to crush your rights to freedom, it is to crush small business, and the so called vaccines are showing to have evil intentions.

  • He needs a brain implanted in his head

  • At 18:30. Sept 17 2021. Pretty sure they turned the key.

  • Stupid on every imaginable level…🌝

  • Mhmm mhmm

  • Call me a conspiracy theorist but I always felt like I’d be scared if a giant celebrity invited me to their mansion. I can’t get the idea out of my head that they worship the devil 😂 I’d be scared that George bush, the Clintons and Epstein would pop out of Janet Jackson’s closet and try to sacrifice me to moloch.... doing things to my corpse to make sure my soul can’t make it to heaven. Just me that has this concern? Ok.

  • Hell yeah; Jordan’s addiction to winning is the same as my sitting around and smoking weed all day. Discipline.

  • 65% of gun deaths is suicide, the other 35% is accidents, crime and trigger finger happy cops combined...

  • “venus” 1975. so bad…

  • Jamie got that fast 😎

  • His films aside, no one in Miami can tolerate Billy Cohen (Corben). Total hypocrite!!

  • They took the other video down boys. I don’t want that little fact to go unnoticed so thought I’d leave a comment on this one.

  • you said it bro

  • Makes sense rappers aren’t known for there intelligence

  • Joe "you know don't know about this?" Rogan

  • People are dying and you are laughing. This is life and death for us poor people. Joe got all scared when he got it, he should of taken nothing if he was truly unafraid of dying. Coward.

  • Vagrants! no political correct BS

  • When me & my best friend would trip - we'd literally be thinking the exact same things, on the same frequency. Basically reading each other's mind.

  • glad your felling better joe, I had covid and it lasted 3 weeks and then I got the vaccine and it made me feel worse.

  • Question authority

  • Everyone on here is butt hurt that Trump got made fun of. I think we can all agree that Trump was better then Hillary and that the media assassinated Trumps character but that man is no saint... He should’ve showed more gratitude or any gratitude in this case but the guy showed up to save a mans life and Trump delivered. It would’ve been pretty shitty if he didn’t. This isn’t about Trump, it’s about what any person should have done in that situation. It’s about a mans life being saved. Did y’all even watch his other interviews on his subject or is everyone stuck on Trump and jumping to conclusions that this man hates Trump and Republicans bc he cracked some jokes about 2 scoops

  • If your parents never even considered abortion. Anyone who is born in the world around humans are more likely to get addicted. 🙄😜

  • I was addicted to cocaine for 5-6 years. Early 20s. Once your addicted I think your addicted for life. On the flip-side if you can find the strength to become sober, you reach a level of willpower that you can apply to anything in life and become successful at it. The need to get the "fix" by any means necessary...apply those same principles to the things you really want out of life!

  • Billy Corben is a joke

  • Covid isn't a bad virus for those that are healthy without pre existing conditions. The media won't let you know this. Because control

  • I'm telling you, a lot of people died because they wouldn't let them see their families.

  • Has this woman been addicted to drugs, cuz I don't think she has so u don't know what your talking about lady!

  • Back in 1972, my two brothers and I were night fishing off the bank on the Delaware River, north of Perry Lake, in Eastern Kansas. About 1am, we saw an orange-ish ball arise over our right horizon (about three miles away over a dense tree line). It hovered for about 20 seconds, roughly 300 yards up, then shot from our right to our left horizon, which would have been roughly a 10-mile distance, in about three seconds - disappearing.

  • How am I supposed to trust someone who has only ever lived in Miami that Miami is the city of the future?

  • Well this was depressing *watches while high*

  • Same deal, love Les and watched all his survival shows but looking for a fake creatures IMO, took away from his credibility.

  • If you listen to the full podcast, Rogan confesses that he is a recovering “video game addict.” Really? Video games, Joe? Have you ever sucked dick for video games, Joe?

  • Ten years clean here. Asking for help was the hardest thing I ever did but the best decision I ever made. Im no “one chip wonder” as they call it. It took several valiant attempts. It’s okay to get knocked down, it’s even fine to lay there for a bit. just get back up and try again. Wasn’t easy, but totally worth it.

  • RIP taker

  • Stay away from him when there's lightning!

  • this woman has poor articulation skills

  • “Maybe he needs a new spouse” best response ever

  • "I looked like Tarzan who read a few paperbacks..." Roth is hilarious!

  • Good habits take discipline and fighting your way out of your comfort zone. Bad habits are all about embracing comfort or what we perceive as comfortable.

  • I’m a fan of Graham’s work and do believe that there were lost civilisations we don’t know about. The Minoan one was at least recognised. The story of Atlantis isn’t just a fairy tale.

  • If you have a FB account...you have an increase... for addiction.

  • I'm having my testicles replaced with Two Gold 50cal bullet's. Because I'm Gangsta.

  • Dr. Rhonda Patrick is absolutely one of my favourite and most trusted doctors. But Covid is so shitty and the things surrounding it so unknown it's crazy, as I have NEVER heard Dr. Patrick say "I don't know" in response to Joe's questions.

  • dude, mjk is pro at gluing wigs

  • This is soooo annoying I don't think I can say what I'd like to do to this weirdo! And I just lost a lot of respect for joe!

  • 3:11:42 fart noise

  • Fuckin right joe !!!!

  • don't do drugs kids it'll make you think your the same as hitler XD

  • Is he ever coming back to utube

  • Love the way she explained the addiction process not only for drugs but about every facet of life even athletes.So many people have addictions not related to substance abuse.We always wonder why things as simple as friendships and relationships never work thinking were so perfect and don’t realize some of the problems are do to so called addictions that are supposed to be good for us.

  • Who in the effing world is this weirdo!!!!!!! Anyone that is for this vaccine is an enemy of mine!! Hope the vaxxed all croak

  • I would have loved to hear the doctors opinion on the concept of harm reduction and how it’s playing out in major metropolitan cities dealing with the effects of the opioid epidemic? I heard the doctor say numerous times that recovery starts with abstinence…that seems to be contradictory to the harm reduction philosophy? Would’ve loved to hear the doctors thoughts.

  • I don’t get it

  • He's a legend. Just gotta point him in the right direction and he will get there!(eventually)

  • Should have titled it "kid gets no love from parents so puts chains on head

  • Man the guy in the blue shirt is LOUDDDD

  • Guy who literally invented the mRNA vaccine: "Spike protein is cytotoxic and too dangerous to use on the public." Line-towing doctors: "Nuh-uh!"

  • It has risks of heart problems!! It's all a bunch of liars!!

  • I love when people are so good at explaining things simply. It's inspirational.

  • Talking about high populated areas and using Colorado as an example but living in LA is probably the most stupid thing I've heard.

  • Do the vaccines work? Here in Alberta, the delta variant is kicking ass and 90% of the people who are hospitalized are unvaccinated. Vaccinated people who catch it just have minor flu like symptoms for a couple days or so. Glad I’m among the vaccinated.

  • He meditate, that's so good!

  • This broad is talking about H, but the reality is the dopamine imbalance is being created by social media times ten

  • consider south park school newspaper

  • she doesn't know!

  • I’m addicted to weed…. I admit it’s an addiction because I really want to stop. But I can’t fight the urge to stop when I’m feeling anxious before work or at home when I’m gaming. Gonna listen to the full episode to hopefully try and understand why Im like this.

  • my parents died when i was very young and they left me $22 mill. age 18 i was full blown drug addict. at age 21 i got addicted to gambling. at age 23 i was homeless. i stoped doing drugs on 9/11/2001. but gambling was the hardest for me. i struggled with gambling addiction till I was 42. Im 46 now and i accomplished more in last 4 years than first 42 years of my life. most importantly I am happy that im still alive.

  • Joe is slow playing and dumb downing her and she fell for it. Yea 5:21 and I'm out!!

  • Everything Rogan pretends to find interesting was once a conspiracy theory.

  • You know when you hear stories from people that you might question if it's true. We could listen to a SEAL ALL DAY! I'm a combat medic from the 25th. I could never imagine the hell he went through. Gives me strength to go on.

  • Technology killed God & spirituality.

  • I've been struggling off and on with an alcohol and coke problem, I say problem because I only use it every few weeks and only when I'm out at the bar drinking. Her information makes so much sense. I want long sobriety so much I won't quit till I get there. I made a music video Stylez Major (Lost in a High) about my struggles with addiction and losing a close friend to overdoes. The comments I have gotten are mind-blowing, people seem to be touched by the song.

  • Soros is a Nazi

  • It's that dread Graham describes that our society needs more of. Pehaps then, we would think twice.

  • Lol Joe should do it.

  • Yooo! Jim had me in tears with his passion as rogan looked annoyed because of protocols

  • Dude those documents are literally national guard enlistment papers wtf?? Demons are eating the souls of people who died in 9/11 because skull and bones are summoning them

  • I guess it's not fair facts are brought to the interview

  • So many great ideas!

  • 5 years from now when he is broke, what is he going to do then?